Message from the General Manager

Dear Customers!

Thank you for visiting our Maximed website.

Maximed has been leading the medical and para-medical supply market throughout Lebanon for over 18 years. With the encouragement, support, and passion of all our members, we have successfully overcome many hardships and we continue to excel and serve the health sector. Maximed has been striving to develop the highest-quality medical and para-medical supplies and we aim to become a global healthcare company, whilst preserving our quality and value.
Since its foundation in 1999, Maximed became a major player on the chessboard of the paramedical industry in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East, recognizing the multiple responsibilities we have towards our many stakeholders.  Initially, Maximed specialized solely in cardiovascular products, protection against X-rays, and the installation of protection equipment for radiology and angiography rooms. Today, it is more vital than ever that we precisely identify unmet medical needs and supply products and services in a timely manner, while taking into account the latest clinical evaluations from around the world. With this in mind, we are currently committed to developing our business toward the realization of our long-term strategic vision.
Over the course of the last 18 years, Maximed has been working diligently to reinvent itself and advance at an accelerated pace. The catalyst for this change was the acquisition of the new range Alkapharm-France, new generation disinfection products, in addition to Bfactory, made from natural products with medicinal honey that dedicates its presence in all the hospital centres in Lebanon. In addition, Maximed has been successful in bringing on board a team of highly experienced professionals to lead the change and provide scientific support services to fulfil the potential Maximed has to offer. We believe that the foundation for the turnaround we seek is the strong set of values that we adhere to, values such as innovation, creativity, transparency, ethics and teamwork. That's why we aspire to achieve sustainable development through providing a highly professional technical advice through our scientific office in the company.
Our formula for success hinges on our unwavering dedication to bring affordable quality products to the Lebanese market and that is why we embrace our “We Take Care of You” slogan which, serves as a constant reminder of our cause.